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Truth be told, I've never been inside Bryant-Denny Stadium or even been to a high school or college game in Alabama. But I sure do love a good bar on gameday. Luckily in the past year, I've met a good handful of de-gens that love to go out on gameday and fulfill the age old gameday festivities with honor and grace.

I love pregame do get me wrong, but there's something romantic about trotting the town after a Alabama victory (even if we lose, we still booze). Being surrounded by your dear friends going from one establishment to another is just magical in my eyes. Personally, I think one of the great things is, people watching. Frat Boys and Sort Girls are a blast to watch, it's like going to the circus and secretly feeding the chimps two shots of Fireball, three lemon-lime Whiteclaws and a sprinkle of jazz-grass. Show-Time.  Even if you don't drink, pull up a chair on University Blvd and get some pop-corn because it's about to be a show. Lastly, the late night food options after the long day of drinking only water and caprisuns. Waffle House is my temple of peace when it comes to that category. Hashbrowns, bacon, oj and making faces at people walking by outside is my go-to at the House.

With college football still up in the air with the rona' at large, let's remember all the great times we've had with our friends and love ones during the season. Let's say a quick prayer to Tom Osbourne and Bear Bryant asking for the season to start on time with no injuries on the horizon.



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