If you can listen to this song and NOT feel hyped for the Tide to roll, you are either a) dead or b) an Auburn fan. 

Alabama Football is rich in tradition. I don't have to explain that to y'all, because you already know. Everything Bama is awesome. We even have our own songs--music that's so closely intertwined with tailgating and Bryant-Denny that just listening makes you want to yell ROLL TIDE. Sweet Home Alabama, Dixieland Delight, Yea Alabama, No Flex Zone--you know what I am talking about.

I present to you a new anthem, a song worthy of being among my personal pantheon of Bama jams. Ladies and Gentledudes, allow me to introduce you to Tha 2ruth's U-N-Alabama.

How did I find this epic track? I met the artist. No joke--I was tailgating at Moe's Southwest Grill on The Strip before the LSU game and he came up and gave me a CD. If I am being 100 here, I will tell you that I was a little reluctant to give it a listen. When you're a radio dj, people are always trying to give you their mixtape/single/cd and most of the time, it sucks. My co-worker, Kimberly Madison, told me to give it a chance, so we popped it in the CD player and cranked it waaaaaaaay up.

It was awesome. People walking by were totally feeling it--and we were, too. You have GOT to give this song a chance. Listen to it. Listen to the WHOLE SONG and tell me it's not the ultimate Bama jam.

Alabama Football's final home game of the season is this Saturday. I'll be back at Moe's Southwest Grill for our tailgate, and y'all should join me! It's so much fun. We play cornhole, and you have a chance to win some Moe Money--which you can then turn into queso. Football, cornhole, and queso on an Alabama Saturday--it doesn't get better than that! Roll Tide!

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