I am not normally the kind of person who talks about my underwear on the internet, but here we are. Ladies, I have found a bra that has changed my life. 

I've bought a lot of bargain bras. I usually get them from places like Target or will occasionally splurge for a nicer bra from Victoria's Secret, but it hasn't mattered how much I have spent on my bras, they're all way too uncomfortable.

I have seen ads online for a company called Thirdlove, and I thought I would finally check it out. You take an online quiz to help determine your correct bra size and identify any fitting issues you face, and then you get suggested shopping results. I checked out a few options and settled on a t-shirt bra and a lacy balconette. I was a little shocked at the cost (close to $150 for the two with express shipping), but I thought hey--what the heck: I'm a grown woman, and I deserve nice things.

OMG, y'all. I am SO GLAD I bought these bras. They're literally the most comfortable things I have ever worn. They're supportive but lightweight--I often forget I am wearing a bra because I no longer struggle with straps that slide or dig in to my back. The bras even have cups that are lined with freakin' MEMORY FOAM. I feel fancy as all get out in these new Thirdlove bras. I am in LOVE.

I'm not getting paid for this. I haven't received any free stuff or anything. Like I said, I spent like $150 for two bras. I just want to spread the word to my girls out there. You've got to get one of these bras. It will change your life.

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