For weeks, we all heard about this monumental event known as The Solar Eclipse. We heard of schools closing, businesses closing, animals going crazy, millions of people going blind from staring at the sun too long. But in the end, NOTHING really happened. It was a BUST as far as I'm concerned.

Don't get me wrong, I looked up at the sun at various times during the "Eclipse", and didn't see that much out of the ordinary. At one time, I DID get really excited because it did get dark for a few minutes, but it turns out that was only because a few clouds were passing through at the time.

There are people who tell me that the Eclipse was indeed spectacular, but that was only because they shelled out the extra money to buy those special "Eclipse" viewing glasses. Some were even priced at over 100 bucks apiece. I hope they got their money's worth. Because for those of us who went "au natural", we didn't notice a damn thing different.

In fact, I bet if NO ONE had told us that there was a Solar Eclipse taking place yesterday, that most of the public wouldn't have noticed anything different!

So, for those folks who were able to observe the supposed "Solar Eclipse" yesterday, I hope you truly enjoyed it. The next one is taking place on October 14, 2023.

I just hope that we're not reminded for months ahead of time, like we were for THIS one. Because I'm betting that THAT "Solar Eclipse" will be a bust too.....

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