You're less than $3 away from the best rice you've ever tasted. Trust me when I say that my little grocery store find is going to blow your mind.

Your girl is a big fan of Chipotle's famous cilantro lime rice. I have tried replicating it at home, but it's never been quite right because I am apparently a lazy garbage pile of a person who can't master a simple recipe. I was forlorn and thought I'd never be able to get my cilantro lime fix until one fateful Publix trip proved me wrong.

I was looking at the 74.3 billion packages of rice mix when I spotted something that caught my eye: Vigo Cilantro Lime Rice. The package claimed it had a "fresh and zesty" flavor and the directions were idiot-proof so I thought why the hell not and purchased a package.

I made the cilantro lime rice for dinner that night and thus began an addiction that I am certain will last a lifetime. This rice S L A P S, y'all. I like it MORE than the cilantro lime rice at Chipotle. I could literally eat it every day.

Facebook via Vigo Rice

Vigo's cilantro lime rice is great all on its own. I eat a bowl of it once a week. You can also get fancy with it--I will use mine to make burrito bowls or huevos rancheros. I've also used the cilantro lime rice as a base for Asian-inspired dishes as well; I love to top a bowl of rice with roasted veggies and Thai chili sauce.

I could write a sonnet to this rice. I love it THAT much. And it's SO cheap. Just... *chef's kiss*

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