I love my fireplace. I love having a fire in my fireplace. I love getting all warm and toasty beside said fireplace, but here's my problem: you can't have a fire without firewood, and I am far too girly to Paul Bunyan my backyard. Where can I find firewood in Tuscaloosa?

I could probably do a search on Craigslist, but that just seems so... sketch. When it comes to buying firewood, I have two options:
1. Pay an obscene amount for one bundle of wood at the grocery store
2. Purchase firewood from a reputable dealer

I prefer option #2--but it's like you have to know someone to make it happen. You have to know someone who knows someone whose friend sells firewood. My problem: I don't know anyone-- or so I thought...

TBH, I know TONS of people. I have so many amazing people who listen to B101.7, and I don't know why I didn't think to ask y'all sooner. So, dear awesome listener, where do you suggest I buy firewood? Comment below and help me stay warm this winter!

Oh, and check out the bonus vid of my fireplace in action!

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