Salty Nut Brewery in Huntsville, Alabama has developed a new peach ale for summer, and in doing so have really grabbed on to mocking Governor Bentley's sex scandal.

The new beer Unimpeachable Ale pokes fun at the ongoing call to impeach Governor Bentley. The beer label shows a man firmly grabbing on a peach which looks more like breasts, a reference to the governor's comments to a former adviser.

The guys at Salty Nut Brewery are planning a limited run of the new brew, as well as selling merchandise featuring the artwork.

Like this t-shirt.

Or, this poster.

The Unimpeachable Ale will be available at the Salty Nut Brewery in mid-May. If the beer turns out to be really popular, it could be distributed to other parts of Alabama.

There is even a dedicated website for this special ale where you can buy merchandise and learn more about the brewery. The website is simple enough,