Please don’t roll your eyes at me for this one, but I do have a friend that is a ghost hunter. Think Ghostbusters, but a little bit more low-key. Legit, she travels around looking for evidence of paranormal activity. My friend is really into it, and she even has a collection of gadgets to help detect spirits and whatnot. I never ask what exactly are the “whatnots.”

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The other day she called me going on about her last ghost hunt. It was some spooky stuff, but I’m entertained, so I let her rattle away. She is always trying to rope me into going. But I’m too scared, and I can’t run too fast anymore.

In the interest of conversation, we did a quick google search about paranormal activity. We found Dead Children’s Playground in Huntsville, Alabama. It’s 2 hours away from Tuscaloosa.

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Bullard

This interesting playground is behind the Maple Hill Cemetery in Huntsville, Alabama. But you have to know where to find the playground because it is hidden. It’s called Drost Park, but the locals call it Dead Children’s Playground.

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Digging deeper about this playground, I found three different haunted stories. These tales include that the spirits of children buried at Maple Hill Cemetery come out to play at night.

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Bullard

According to Alabama Haunted Houses, “swings have been seen moving by themselves, shouting and laughter have been heard, and some have even seen the ghosts of children playing late at night. Pictures taken in the area have also been known to turn up ghostly orbs.”

Another theory is that Rocket City Mom talked about was that in 1918, “the Spanish Flu killed at least 50 million people worldwide, with over 400 succumbing in Madison County.” Many were children and rumored to be buried at Maple Hill. Locals say that those children come out to play at night.

Photo Courtesy of Sydney Bullard

A dark secret from the 40s is what Buzz Nicked feels is legendary. “Local Legend has it that a serial child murder led a reign of terror in the town in the 40s. He would dump the bodies in this field.” Also, “trails lead away from the field and into old mining shafts that the killer is said to have lived in.”

Road Trippers discussed a “legend about several children who were abducted and found murdered near the playground in a Satanic ritual during the 1960s (of course, there's no evidence that this actually happened to be found anywhere).”

Check it out for yourself. The reviews say it is quite beautiful, but once it gets dark, it is another story. Honestly, I’m very intrigued.

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