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As we all know, all citizens of Tuscaloosa are mandated to wear a mask starting TODAY to slow the roll of the Corona Virus. It's gonna suck wearing a mask, but we we might as well make it worth wild for having one on and I'm going to tell you how to pimp out your mask with your friends and family!

The first thing I want to go over is the message you can put on your mask, the other day I was producing a sports show and for s**ts and giggles I thought it would be funny to write 'Auburn Sucks' on it - and it was a hit. People loved it. So maybe having a funny saying or something clever to put on your mask to covey a message would be a solid idea.

Another thing you can do might get a little messy.... Get the kids, pull out the glitter, grab the googly eyes and get ready to style the heck outta your mask. Make sure to put some newspapers down and other things to stop the mess!  Maybe make a Ziggy Stardust lightning design or make a paisley print design. Get wild with a cool design.

At the end of the day, just get creative with it and make it original. Even if it's a script Alabama "A" or a bible versus. Make it you.

Roll Tide.

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