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Fortunately, I've had the pleasure to love in some pretty great musical cities - Chicago, Omaha and Maui. But sadly I think Tuscaloosa goes under the radar for great and powerful bands to come to town.

Looking at the music venues here in town we have the Tuscaloosa Amp that does get some decent acts coming to town but mostly country and folk groups and artists. Alcove International Tavern has a great atmosphere and scene but unfortunately has a small venue on the west attached building which only attracts regional acts to come play to a crowd of 40 occupancy. One under utilized facility we fail to use is the University of Alabama Football Stadium, fitting more than 90,000 we could get plenty of rock legends and up and comers to make a stop here in town.... Our only last hope in town is the re branded and remodeled 'Druid City Music Hall' which was bought out by Nashville entertainment company 'Big Spring Entertainment'.

In a recent interview I had with the new owner of Druid City Music Hall, he told me the venue will be able to hold around 4000 people with some room to spare. Which is super optimistic for the future of T-Town artists and national acts to get to town to preform for one greatest city in the South.

With all that being said, the question I raise is - 'How can Tuscaloosa get more national acts to come to town'. The simple answer for that is exposure of newer and 'hip' venues and for the city to invest itself in creating a atmosphere for artists to thrive and grow musically.

Roll Tide.

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