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Lots of people are out of work and probably bored at home watching Netflix to pass their time. Fortunately, I still have a job and I love doing it so I'm double blessed. But with all of Tuscaloosa's bars, restaurants and my favorite shops being closed I've had to do other things to keep my mind sane.

Right before the quarantine, I bought a 1969 Chevrolet C10 truck to restore. It's beautiful on the outside but was a nightmare below the hood. For the last few weeks, my buddies and I have been putting an insane amount of work into it after my shift on-air. We've swapped out the alternator, carburetor, belts, upper and lower ball joints, interior coverings, changed the batteries and a hell of a lot more. We've been putting in work on that old truck.

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Whenever I get tired of working on the truck, I head up to Palmore Park to go skate for a few hours. There's something so simple about riding on a piece of plywood with 4 wheels attached to it. Surprisingly, Tuscaloosa has a great skate scene despite being in the deep, deep south.

Lastly, I've been cleaning a ton and been going to a crapload of bonfires and bbq's here in town. Through this whole crisis, I've been very good about cleaning and picking up, maintaining my apartment and the land surrounding the complex. I'm like a ginger Martha Stewart cleaning every second of the day when I get home.

For all its negatives, the quarantine has brought me clarity about being the best person I can be. How have you kept yourself from going nuts?

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