As we celebrate National Fried Chicken Day, it's important to note that the best breaded bird in 'Bama does NOT come from a restaurant.

But, Meg! You protest. The best fried chicken comes from my granny's/nana's/mom's kitchen. 

You right--but we're not talking about the homemade stuff. We're talking about the kind of chicken you can grab-and-go.

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We're talkin' eight piece box, and there's one place whose poultry is pure perfection--and that, my pals, is Publix.

I LOVE Publix chicken, and I will never apologize for that love nor will I concede that any other box comes close to the crunchy perfection that is Publix fried chicken.

How do they bread it, and why is the breading the perfect amount of crispy, crunchy and savory? How is the chicken ALWAYS juicy and tender?

It's bussin' and it's cheap. It's consistently delicious, and I can't say the same for any other place. Don't get it twisted: Popeye's and Churches are good, and KFC can occasionally be edible--but they aren't even in the same weight class as Publix.

Anyone who disagrees is cordially invited to catch these hands or bring me the chicken of his/her choice (you know, for science).

Where's your favorite chicken? Are you a Publix stan? Message me with our app chat and let me know.

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