We all enjoy having drinks with friends. One drink can easily turn into 3 or more and that tab adds up quickly!

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There is nothing like heading to the bar and having drinks, especially on game day weekend. Cheering, laughing, screaming and drinking is an easy recipe for an expensive bar tab.

It's all good when everyone is throwing the drinks back, but what happens when it's time to pay up? Especially when the tab turns out to be more expensive than you thought it'd be. A recent Tik Tok video from The Booth in downtown Tuscaloosa shows patrons' reactions to their expensive bar tabs.

Within 24hrs of being posted, the video had over 50k views! After a few days, it's sitting at 851k views and climbing for good reason. It's downright hilarious!


Could you imagine not expecting your tab to be over $100 when you read that receipt? Talk about the shock of a lifetime!

The comments are always just as hilarious as the video. One of my favorite comments came from Aly Sudd, "Second girl called her parents for more $ after that one  it's me I'm the second girl."

I wonder if she was actually the second girl or just making a joke. Either way, I'm sure there are plenty of people that can relate to that.

I'm sure things like this happens all the time and quite frankly, we need more of this. The Tik Tok user who posted the video mentioned that part two is on the way. We can't wait to see it!

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