It's going to be well over 90 degrees outside, so why am I wearing boots and socks? It's not just for fashion's sake--there's a reason why I am straight-up sweltering today--and it's kind of... strange. Are y'all ready for this?

I'm wearing boots and socks so that my feet stay wrapped up all day. I want my feet to get kind of sweaty and--I hate this word but I have to say it here--moist.

WHY? Why would I willingly do such a gross, weird thing?

Because I used Baby Foot, and I heard wearing shoes accelerates the peeling process. Before y'all start to think that I literally cut off an infant's foot in an attempt to place some voodoo curse on my feet, you need to know that Baby Foot is a popular Korean foot care treatment. It's basically a chemical peel that works in several stages.

You wear these plastic booties for an hour or two. You wait a few days; the skin on your feet starts to feel super tight, and then it peels off. Like, it literally peels off in huge pieces. It's disgusting and wonderful, and I am addicted.

I used it in November last year, and it CHANGED MY LIFE.

After about two weeks, I had soft callus-free feet. Sure, I had to shed my skin like a snake for half a month, but it was SO worth it.

My feet are so rough and dry right now from a summer of wearing sandals, so I'm in dire need of Baby Foot magic. I read online that wearing socks every day makes the peeling phase end much faster, so that my friends, THAT is why I am wearing combat boots and wool socks in 90 degree heat.

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