So, this past Tuesday, Nick Saban met with Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg. It was indeed a Monumental Occasion. Here you had The Greatest Modern Day College Football Coach, together with one of The Most Powerful Men In The Universe. Of course, when the news hit Facebook, it instantly got around 500 Million "Likes". People across the globe thought it was AWESOME that these two GIANTS in their respective fields, were able to sit down, exchange ideas and dialogue, and smile for the cameras, in this legendary summit. EVERYONE LOVED IT!.......Except for one person. That person was, ME.

You see, in all the years I've lived in Tuscaloosa, I've NEVER met Nick Saban. Have You? Now, I did meet his wife, Terry once, (she is a very nice lady, btw). But, NEVER have I had the opportunity to meet, THE MAN, Nick Saban. And here you have Mark Zuckerberg, a guy who's never set foot in Alabama until now, get an instant meeting with The Coach!.... And I'm JEALOUS!!!

So, Why does Mark Zuckerberg get a meeting with The Coach, and Yours Truly, Louie Linguini doesn't get one? I'll tell you "why". The reason is: These two men are different. And what's the "difference" between these two men? l'll tell you the difference: One of these men is worth 56 BILLION, the other guy has 56 Bucks in his checking account to last until payday! THAT'S the difference!

This is why I've been a little bummed out over the past couple days. However, TONIGHT, everything has CHANGED! My girlfriend, Lisa, knows that I've been down in the dumps over this Saban/Zuckerberg Summit. So, tonight when I got home, she said to me, "I know you've been a bit gloomy over the past few days, but I've got something that might cheer you up!" I said, "And what is that?" Then, she said, "I got you a meeting with Nick Saban!". And as she said that, she handed me the picture below.......


Looks like I finally met Nick Saban, doesn't it :-)


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