There is no question, lots of growth is happening in Tuscaloosa. Look around, and you'll see new stores and restaurants to living spaces (apartments, condos, etc.). With that in mind, have you seen this billboard that reads, "The One"?

If you're stopped on McFarland Boulevard at the 15th Street light, you've probably noticed it. The simple and clean board features big white letters on a blue background, with a leaf blowing off to the side.

Any ideas on what this could be advertising? Some may think, a new apartment community. Couldn't you see that sign at the entrance? Sure, it could be paired with another sign on the road which may say, "welcome home, where you're The One." Hmm. I could see some guessing, that's a bank!

One thing we know for sure, the sign is vague and leaves people asking, what does it mean?