The infamous Alberta Python slithered onto the scene one year ago and has still managed to elude capture.

Do y'all remember last summer? We had concerts. We had restaurants open at full capacity and bars without social distancing. We lived lives full of hope and optimism and didn't spend every day feeling like we were trapped in an eternal hellscape of exponentially increasing horror. This, my friends, was the summer of 2019. It was pre-Corona times. Life was simpler then. We thought it would never get wilder than the news of a bigass yellow python on the loose in Alberta City.

The 15-foot long boi caused quite the commotion when he was spotted in the area of Arcadia and Windsor Drive exactly one year ago today. (Here's a link to our story in case you thought it was just some sort of fever dream.) Ol' Snakey managed to evade caputre despite tons of press and frequent social media shoutouts from Tuscaloosa City Councilman Kip Tyner.

The Tuscaloosa Police Department eventually discovered a SECOND snake from a "person of interest" in the case; however, the OG who started it all?

He was never found. [Cue Unsolved Mysteries theme]

He has his own Twitter account, but still: no one has actually seen this real big banana bad boi. His whereabouts are a mystery.

I ask you, Tuscaloosa, on this momentous occasion: where do you think the T-Town Python is? What do you think he's doing? Do you think pythons are immune to the Coronavirus?

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