Alabama's most-loved weatherman deserves an original poem written in honor of his 60th birthday.

James Spann has given much to the state and people of Alabama and contributions to meteorology and broadcasting have been many.

Considered one of Time Magazine's 2014 Best Twitter Feeds, James Spann helped pioneer Twitter as a real-time source during extreme weather events with his minute-by-minute coverage of the April 2011 tornado.

To celebrate the man, the myth and the legend, Madison & Shepherd would like to offer a small token of our esteem for a man as original as the poem he inspired.

Happy Birthday, Mr. James Spann!
Although it’s been said, you know we’re big fans.

We love the suspenders you wear with such flair,
We love your bald head and the thatch of blonde hair.

You always tell us when we should water our lawn,
and it's because of you that we respect the polygon.

Happy Birthday to the World’s Best Weather Man!
Here's to 60 more interrupted programs featuring James Spann!

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