As we get ready for one more Alabama football Saturday in Tuscaloosa, it brings out a nostalgic and reflective mindset out of me. It has inspired this week's spotlight for Flashback Friday!

Game day in Tuscaloosa is special thing, a time create memories with friends and family. As we know by the quick season, those moments pass in a blink of the eye.

The reflective song 'Mr. Jones' by Counting Crows sings about being with a friend and his dad at a bar, too scared to talk with a couple of girls, thinking only if we were big rock stars.

Adam Duritz of the band says the song released in 1993 is really about dreams and aspirations to follow your heart in what you want do with your life.

But, I also see this song as capturing those priceless moments with friends that come and go. Especially, as the years pass by as people move and things change. Enjoy the moment, before it is gone. That's how this week's song has come up in my head as on this final home game of the Alabama Football season.

Pull up a bar stool, and let's hang out and sing with Mr. Jones on B101.7's Flashback Friday... and Roll Tide!!

Counting Crows 'Mr. Jones'

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