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Another business bites the dust as the coronavirus pandemic drags on.

Pie Lab, located down Highway 69 South in Greensboro, permanently closed its doors on Sept. 11. The announcement was made Friday evening in a Facebook post, citing the impact the COVID-19 pandemic has brought on small businesses like Pie Lab.

Since 2009, Pie Lab has been a place that fosters community, positivity and collaboration. The model was clear: serve simple southern lunch fare and delicious pies that make a 45-minute drive from Tuscaloosa worth every penny.

The shop saw national acclaim over its years in operation, even finding itself the subject of a New York Times Magazine article about Greensboro's own little slice of heaven. The article pinpointed the purpose of Pie Lab in a quick equation:

PieLab had a formula, a back-of-the-bar-napkin equation, sketched in Maine and refined on the ground in Greensboro:

PieLab = a neutral place + a slice of pie.

A neutral place + a slice of pie = conversation.

Conversation = ideas + design.

Ideas + design = positive change.

The shop has been featured in Southern Living, Fast Company, Alabama News Center, and other regional and national outlets. It maintained a warm, comforting following that made even the farthest traveler feel right at home, and all it took was a slice of pie, some fresh-brewed sweet tea out of a Styrofoam cup, and the best ham and cheese sandwich this side of the Mississippi.

But, the news is not all bad. The Facebook post also mentioned that all of Pie Lab's recipes and equipment have been sold to a new owner. The post indicated that Greensboro Pie, the newfound keeper of Pie Lab's famous recipes, is "passionate about Greensboro and continuing on the legacy of pies and community."

Greensboro Pie operates out of The Stable, a coffee pub located in downtown Greensboro. Since its grand opening in June 2020, the shop serves by-the-slice and whole pies, rolling out new recipes every few weeks for West Alabamians to enjoy. Some of its most inventive flavor combinations include Chocolate Bourbon Pecan, Butterfinger, and the brand-new Pumpkin Spice.

Now, Greensboro Pie can add Pie Lab's iconic concoctions – like their ever-popular Chess or Key Lime Pie – to the menu very soon.

The owners of Pie Lab ended their social media announcement with one request: for its longtime patrons to show Greensboro Pie the same love that they have given Pie Lab over the past 10 years.

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