It's dubbed 'music's biggest night,' the Grammy Awards! The fresh list of 2015 nominees have been announced. Let's roll back to the awards a decade ago for this B101.7 Flashback Friday Spotlight driven by Townsend Honda.

In 2004, Atlanta Hip-Hop duo OutKast hit it big the album Speakerboxxx/The Love Below. They scored the highly coveted 'Album of the Year' Grammy. Thanks in part to the success of the quirky and fun single, 'Hey Ya.' The song was a nominee for 'Record of the Year' and is the spotlight song for this week!

Go ahead and shake it like a Polaroid picture as you watch the video below! Did you hear Polaroid is attempting a comeback with a new camera? Yeah, get the link below the video. Because what's cooler than be cool? You know it, ice cold! How can you not love the fun oozing out of this jam? Happy Friday!

OutKast 'Hey Ya'

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