It's Christmas Eve, and Santa Claus has started his magical journey around the world. Want to keep tabs on jolly old Saint Nick? Check out Google's new Santa Tracker--it's amazing!

Santa Tracker is the coolest way to keep up with Santa! This interactive feature allows you to track Santa in real-time. They used Google Maps data to help you see Santa's current location.

The Google team really BROUGHT IT on this one! They show you what the weather conditions are in each of Santa's stops and give you an ETA for cities around the world. You can explore Santa's stops and learn facts about cities, mountain ranges, and much more. You can watch videos from Santa's magical flight, AND you can even keep up with how many miles Santa is from YOUR house.

How cool is that? I'm so impressed with Santa Tracker--I've been playing around with it for the past hour, and I'm a grown-up. You KNOW your kids are going to love this one, so what are you waiting for?

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