Getting a drivers' license in Alabama is about to become one big hassle: the state may close all but four drivers' license offices in 2016 due to budget shortfalls. You read that right: only FOUR drivers license offices. A lack of funding will leave the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency so strapped for cash that they'll have to close 33 of the state's offices in an attempt to make ends meet.

It's going to be an EPIC POEM to get a license in Alabama. You'll have to travel to one of the four offices that are able to remain open--and just think about how long the wait times are going to be!

The entire state of Alabama would be forced to travel to Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery, or Mobile to obtain a drivers' license or permit. New residents who need to obtain an Alabama licence and those who need to reinstate suspended licenses will have to travel as well. estimates that over 400,000 Alabamians are serviced at drivers' license offices annually. That means that each remaining office would service about 100,000 people per year--which translates roughly to over 1,900 Alabamians at each office every week, about 384 per day--and assuming each office operates 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.-- 48 people EVERY HOUR. What an absolute nightmare!

Thankfully, drivers license renewals can now be done online.

Let's keep our fingers crossed that the state works out these budget issues ASAP! If not, you may need to plan your vacation next year around getting your license.

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