Get Out expertly toes the line between hilarity and horror, and brands itself as a horror-comedy, which is why its time at this year’s awards — because, as one of the best movies to come out of this bizarre year, it will probably be nominated — is going to be a little weird. Most prestigious awards organizations don’t have a horror category, as horror hasn’t been seen until recently as a genre worthy of awards consideration. Which is why Get Out will tour the Golden Globe Awards as a comedy.

Kristopher Tapley, Variety editor and member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, who run the Golden Globes, tweeted that Jordan Peele’s biting satire would compete in the Best Motion Picture — Musical or Comedy category at this year’s competition.

This may seem familiar to anyone who’s been keeping up with awards shows in the last few years: the same thing happened to The Martian back in 2015. Sure, it had its jokes, and maybe wasn’t exactly a drama (though it dealt with one single man having to survive being marooned on Mars), but it definitely wasn’t a straight-up comedy, and most assuredly not a musical. Neither is Get Out, but since awards shows are weird, and the Golden Globes are one of the weirdest, here we are.

The Best Comedy or Musical category has seen its share of weird nominees over the years, from La La Land having to compete against Deadpool last year to Sweeney Todd going up against Charlie Wilson’s War. Get Out being relegated to a comedy isn’t the weirdest thing that’s happened, but maybe it’ll land amongst the other films making the case for the Golden Globes, and other awards shows, to change their tactics in the future.

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