I am not a very vain person. I struggle with extremely low self-esteem and generally believe myself to be an aging trash goblin. Or a troll? I do like bridges.


I digress. Despite my lack of self-love, I do know one thing: I have PERFECT skin. I am ridiculously vain about my complexion and while most of it is probably good genes (thanks, Mom!), I know I owe the rest to a regular skincare routine.

Want to know how I look this good?

I am 100% serious when I say I have had people stop me in Target/Sephora/random parking lots to ask me how I get such glowing skin.

It's pretty basic. I used to go WAAAAAAAY overboard. I was capping out at, like, 15+ products a day. It was too much. In the past two years I've kept it simple and have seen even better results.



That's it.

The best advice I can give you is:

  1. NEVER sleep in your makeup
  2. ALWAYS wear SPF
  3. Don't overdo it

Got any products you recommend I try out? Message me on our app so I can work on my glowup.


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