Looking for a way to make some special holiday memories with your kids this year? I've got an idea that's festive, fun, and FREE--create your own 'Polar Express!'I'm not crazy enough to suggest you build an actual train. I'm not even going to say you take any mode of transportation that isn't your own vehicle. I'm using the term 'Polar Express' loosely; but that's not the point... the point is you need to have some fun with your kids this year.

Lilyana Vynogradova/ThinkStock

It's easy to get caught up in our own hectic schedules, and it can be hard to find the time to do something creative with your kids. Sometimes you just want to pull up Thomas' Christmas Whatnot on Netflix and let the kids watch while you zone out, enjoying precious "me" time. I've been there: TRUST.

That's why I've taken out the guesswork for you and come up with an awesome holiday game plan. You're going to need an evening of free time, a thermos, hot chocolate, and a playlist of Christmas jams. Are you ready to create some very merry magic?

Here's what you do: have your kids get ready for bed just like any other night. Once they're in their jammies, BAM! You surprise them: have them load into the car. Listen to Christmas music. Sip hot cocoa, and drive your family around town--take the kids past the best Christmas lights in your neighborhood.

It's that simple. You can take it to the next level by purchasing your kids special Christmas PJ's for your 'Polar Express' excursion; you can go to Starbucks or McD's for a white chocolate mocha or cider... you can change whatever you want to make your kids happy and comfortable.

It may sound silly, but it's a special activity your kids will always remember.

I am thirty years old, and some of my favorite Christmas memories are being packed in our Chrysler minivan like sardines while Dad took us to see the craziest Christmas lights in town. It was a family tradition I loved and look forward to continuing with my own daughter.

Try it out tonight or this weekend. Even the grumpiest, grinchiest of teenagers can't resist Starbucks, Christmas jams, and decked-out decorations! Happy Holidays, y'all!