Last week, a former Brookwood High School student said in a lawsuit that she filed against The Tuscaloosa County School System, that school administrators knew about a relationship she had with a teacher, a year and a half before it became public.

The relationship became widely known back in 2015, when more than 300 pictures depicting a sexual relationship between Joe Bradley Petrey and the student, were published online. Petrey, was placed on leave and resigned when he was charged with engaging in a sex act with a student younger than 19. Charges were eventually dropped when the victim, (who was 18 years old at the time), initially didn't want to prosecute.  Prosecutors dropped the charge citing a lack of cooperation. The victim turned 21 last week, and now is seeking damages..

According to the lawsuit, Petrey allegedly approached the student in fall 2013, saying he had a dream about her and God told him to tell her she was beautiful. She began to confide in him,and they began exchanging text messages.

The suit also reveals that the victim sat behind Petrey's desk in his classroom and they began seeing one another regularly after they ate together at The  Olive Garden in March 2014. This eventually led to a sexual relationship between them.

The Former Student is seeking unspecified damages.

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