Summertime is officially here and spending time outside is becoming the new norm. If you get too hot, cool off at this Northport ice cream shop.

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I've been living in Alabama for almost two years and there is still so much I have yet to discover. I've also found that people have been here for plenty of years and they have overlooked things and places as well. To help solve this issue, I'm starting "Field Trip Friday" where I'll try out a new store, restaurant, or place in Alabama.

For the very first Field Trip Friday, I went to Northport. I was taken to a place I had no idea even existed. When I walked through the door, it was so colorful and friendly I grew excited just to order. It was La Real Michoacana homemade ice cream shop.

I can't lie, it took me few minutes to decide what I wanted to eat. I was amazed at all of the options in the store. The employee was so nice and helpful and even offered samples of any flavor I wanted to try.

They have every flavor you could ever imagine in that shop! I even saw one of my childhood flavors, superman ice cream. The flavors ranged from bubblegum, lime, to eggnog and watermelon strawberry. I had the Tres Leches with Carmel milkshake and it was so good.

If you're not into ice cream, or just in the mood for a popsicle, they have homemade popsicles too! The options are just as endless and they have real fruit in a lot of them.

If you'd like to learn more about La Real Michoacana, click here.   


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