Former Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham's latest career move is the antithesis of classy: she made her own sex tape. Seriously. You are reading this correctly, so don't try to adjust your computer screen. A girl who became "famous" on a reality show about the dangers of being sexually active at a young age used said fame to make a sex tape. My brain just exploded.

Like, Farrah, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? Abraham defended her "sex tape" (using quotation marks here because it is actually a highly produced pornographic film and not a sex tape in the Kim Kardashian or Paris Hilton sense) to her followers on Twitter with this video.

WHAT would YOU do #IF??? #TeamVivid @Keek

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Girl. NO. Just... no. If you're crying every night, see someone about depression. If you want to feel better about your body, see a therapist. You don't have to make a "sex tape" to be sexy. FOR REAL.

Farrah's body belongs to no one but her, and she can use it however she sees fit, but I am so, SO disappointed in her. I watched (literally) every episode of Teen Mom and was consistently annoyed with Farrah and her whack life choices: boob job, nose job, moving to Florida, asking that dude about marriage like a week into their relationship... Granted, she didn't come from a happy home and lost her child's father at a young age, but that's not license to just do whatever, whenever because you feel like it.

I get that she's young and is going to make stupid decisions, but SERIOUSLY. I imagine she got wicked bank roll for her "sex tape," but at what true cost? How do you explain something like that to your daughter? Farrah does realize that this "sex tape" will be around forever, right? It won't just disappear by the time Sophia is in middle school and kids can constantly harass her about it.

I am a fairly ardent feminist, but this just disgusts me. She was featured on Teen Mom so that she could serve as a role model to young girls, and now she cashes in her fame on something like this. It's sad, and Sophia--and Farrah--deserve better.

It's beyond depressing that the way to "make it" in society is by selling your body for cash. I don't know if she thought, "Oh, Kim Kardashian did it and now she literally has more money than most Americans will ever see in their lives, so heck yeah, I am making a sex tape!"

Uggggh. Just ugggh. Farrah, you are capable of so much more than this. If you're tired of "loser" boys, why debase yourself to this level? Do something POSITIVE with your fame. Use it to help others, to make the world a better place for everyone else and most of all, your daughter.

Or just keep making ridic life choices like this. Whatever.

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