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Dust plumes are moving across the Atlantic Ocean as we speak that will eventually reach Alabama, Florida, Texas and Mississippi. The highest concentration of dust will effect Alabama and Florida the most.


Don't be that alarmed, the dust will more than likely be just a haze in our atmosphere in here T-Town. But perhaps breathing and health issues might arise (small coughs and runny noses).

I feel like 2020 has been the weird year of disasters, protests and Cats The Movie.

Luckily, the dust that gets deposited in the Caribbean helps build up the beaches down there! It also aids in the fertilization of the Amazon Rain forest. In the U.S., the two positive results of Saharan dust are vividly colorful sunrises and sunsets, and suppression of tropical cyclone development in the Atlantic basin.The dust creates very dry layers in the atmosphere, which highly discourages tropical storm and hurricane development. Tropical systems need warm, moist air to form, strengthen and maintain themselves. With the dry, dusty air in place, the Atlantic basin is typically quiet this time of year!

So luckily this plume will help in environment in a small shape or form. This is a total phenomenon that i think Alabama hasn't seen, but who knows, I'm a Yankee. Make sure to wear your masks and make sure to still wash and sanitize your hands.