Dunkin' Donuts has added a new item to its lineup, and you best believe I had to try it ASAP. Why, dear reader?

Because it's avocado toast!

You see, as a Millennial, I spend all my money on avocado toast and lattes. This is why I currently do not own a home. No, friends, it has nothing to do with crippling student loan debt. It's all the avocado toast I consume.

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ANYWAY, I wanted to check it out. All sarcasm aside, I do love avocado toast and being able to get a slice on my way to work sounded amazing, so I hit up Dunkin' this morning.

What's in the Dunkin' version? See how it's made in the Youtube video below.

They place avocado spread on a slice of sourdough toast and THEN give it a dust of everything bagel seasoning.

The slice I had this morning was great. I mean, yeah--it's avocado spread and not fresh avocado, but it's still a great option--and the everything bagel seasoning really set it off.

I paired my slice of avo toast with a large iced green tea, so it was a pretty healthy option. I spent a total of five minutes in the drive thru from ordering to rolling out and I have to say I am a satisfied millennial.

I give it a total of four side parts out of five.

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