Drake might be one of the most in-demand superstars in the entertainment industry, but that isn't enough to keep the internet trolls on his social media away. While posting a photo of him showing love to his boys to Instagram, a guy in the comments calls out the More Life rapper for his dental hygiene.

As it appears that Drizzy has something on his front tooth in the picture, the internet troll tells the rapper that his teeth don't look clean, despite having an abundance of cash in the bank to be able to take care of that.

"Lmao all that money and ur teeth don't look clean," the Instagram user writes.

Drake doesn't typically respond to comments too much on Instagram, but he has no problem clapping back at this particular user to clarify what is shown on his tooth. According to the "Fake Love" MC, the spot on his tooth is actually a pink diamond, which he keeps clean with activated charcoal before he hits the club at night.

"I have a pink diamond in my tooth," Drizzy writes. "I brush with activated charcoal before any club night where I will see baddies know dattttttttttt."

Drake hasn't always been a flashy rapper when it comes to jewelry, but it looks like he couldn't resist putting a special diamond in his mouth to flex on any and all of his haters.

Check out the photo of Drake's teeth in question below, and peep his response.

champagnepapi via Instagram
champagnepapi via Instagram

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