Excuse me for a moment while I mourn the final loss of a major part of my childhood.

Century Plaza is gone.

She’s coming on down!!

Posted by Brian Knight on Tuesday, December 1, 2020

The iconic Birmingham mall has been torn down. I have been staring at photos of the construction and am inundated by so many memories.

Drove by Century Plaza while running errands. Hard to believe how much they’ve demolished in just a few days!

Posted by Marcie Braden on Wednesday, November 25, 2020

I grew up in and around the Birmingham suburbs, and my family made the drive down I-20 to Century Plaza every holiday season. I hate to sound like one of those old Boomers on Facebook that posts memes like SHARE IF YOU DRANK FROM THE OL' GARDEN HOSE but shopping at the mall back then was such a different experience.

Going to the mall was an all-day event, y'all. Mom and Dad would dress my sisters in I in our fanciest windbreakers (it was the 90's and that was a drip) and we would spend HOURS in the mall. We shopped and perused store after store and always ate lunch at the food court.

The vibe of a 90's indoor mall at Christmas is EVERYTHING. The entire place was teeming with holiday cheer and Christmas muzak blaring on the speakers. I know I am viewing this through the rose-colored glasses of my childhood memories, but just... I would give almost anything for one more day like those I took for granted.

Hate to see century plaza be demolished. Loved going there back in the day to tell my homie jingles what I wanted for Christmas. #RIPP

Posted by Dave Reynolds on Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Century Plaza, like the halcyon days of the indoor malls before it, is gone. The building has been razed to make room for a new Amazon distribution center which is equal parts ironic and poetic.

Do you remember Century Plaza? What about Jingles the Bear? Use our app chat to hit me up and let me know.

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