As we've seen recently, there's plenty of talent in Dave Grohl's family and we get to hear a little of the singing voice of Dave's mom Virginia during a car ride sing-along of the Carly Simon hit "You're So Vain" in a promo clip for the new From Cradle to Stage series.

The video opens with mother and son sharing a car ride harmonizing on Simon's 1972 chart-topping single. Dave's drumming instincts kick in providing a beat on the dashboard before the pair have a laugh at their stumble wrapping up the track.

The conversation continues as mother and son bond over harmonizing with Grohl's mother singing the praises of '70s vocal outfit Manhattan Transfer. "I can never understand why you never got as excited as I did about Manhattan Transfer," she tells her son. "That's where their genius is is in the four and five-part harmony in ways that's really hard to duplicate." But Dave finds a humorous way to turn the conversation that you can see in the video below.

The clip is from the new series From Cradle to Stage which was inspired by Virginia's book of the same name in which she related stories from the mothers of famous musicians. Now adapted for television, Dave and Virginia will bring those stories from the mothers who raised these musicians to the television audience via Paramount+.

Perfectly times for Mother's Day, the series kicks off on May 6. If you don't have Paramount+, but would like to sign up, you can do so here.

Dave Grohl + Virginia Grohl in From Cradle to Stage Promo Clip

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