I want to believe... that it's impossible to run in four-inch heels.

FOX brought back the 90's cult classic The X-Files for a limited run; this was basically the best news ever for me, as I spent most of my awkward adolescence as a huge fan of the series.

I've watched two episodes of the reboot so far, and I've watched several of my all-time favorite eps on Netflix in the past week to sate my X-Files addiction. As a grown woman, there's one thing that really, really bothers me.

Dana Scully's footwear.

Homegirl is chasing aliens and monsters in pumps. She's running along with (and often after) Fox Mulder in heels.

Call me crazy, but it just doesn't seem plausible. Have you ever tried to run in heels? It's like hobbling along on mini-stilts. And after you've covered six miles on foot after chasing little green men, your feet will HURT.

As we watched the reboot premiere Sunday night, I literally yelled at my TV, "Dana Scully, you are a MEDICAL DOCTOR. How do you not make better footwear choices?"

I wear flats 24/7. It's probably because I am lazy. Okay, it is because I am lazy. I guess Scully's being able to fight the future in four-inch heels makes her even more tough.

You do you, Scully. Just pencil in time for a pedicure.

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