Cynical Tattoos on Lurleen Wallace Boulevard in Northport partnered with Alt 101.7 Tuesday to host their first ever Customer Appreciation Day and over eight hours of nonstop work, the artists there were able to give away 75 tattoos to their most loyal fans completely free of charge.

The folks at Cynical were extreme troopers -- they opened an hour early and stayed open an hour later than normal to accommodate as many people as possible and gave free coupons to every person in line who didn't make it inside a studio before the parlor had to close at 9 p.m., so no one left the event empty-handed.

Alt 101.7 was also on site, with Brand Manager and DJ Meg Summers broadcasting live, giving away concert tickets, handing out station swag and more all day long.

Cynical was able to complete 75 tattoos before they closed up shop Tuesday night, and the designs ran the gamut. From velociraptors to dandelions, wands from Harry Potter and sigils from Game of Thrones, participants left with all manner of ink to show off -- Jane from Tuscaloosa even got the Alt 101.7 logo tattooed on her arm!

Check out photos from the event in the gallery below and find more on the Alt 101.7 Facebook page or on our Instagram.

Free Tattoo Day at Cynical Tattoos

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