If you've filled your tank recently, you've seen that gas prices are on the rise. How much more of an increase are we going to see--and could those new higher prices put a damper on spring break travel plans?

With more and more Alabamians getting vaccinated against the novel Coronavirus, I know many people are willing to travel again. I don't know that I am 100% ready to get back out there until the ADPH and CDC say it's cool to do so, but Y'ALL.

Gas prices are getting WILD. That impacts all of us.

What's the deal?

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I read this interview with an economist from UAB on ABC 33/40's website and my jaw DROPPED. Dr. Patrick J. Murphy says he wouldn't be surprised if prices reach $3 a gallon once warmer weather really gets underway here in the South.


Apparently oil and gas companies planned for a major decrease in gas use because of the pandemic and weren't prepared for us to be getting back to normal so soon.

This, frankly, sucks.

I wasn't able to travel last year because of the daggum Coronavirus and now I may not be able to travel this year because gas will cost two kidneys, an arm, and four legs.

The average price of a gallon of gas here in Tuscaloosa is about $2.45 a gallon, and that's really as high as I can handle. Looks like I may need to buy a bicycle or start walking more.

How much is gas in your neighborhood? Let me know using our app chat!

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