Now, that was a fun month of May giving away a ton of free money with B101.7's $2K-A-Day and Ten Grand in the End! That $10,000 winner, congratulations to... Heather Tripp!

Just imagine getting that call, hey you just won $10,000! Heather was at work when she received that call, and was so surprised.  At first, wondering if the call was legit or some kind of cruel joke.  Oh, it is for real.  She began to realize this and it was incredibly hard for her to hold back her excitement, as she fought back tears.  Heather is at work, and she wanted to burst out screaming in the worst way.

The question anyone would ask, what will you do with all that money??  There are so many possibilities!  Heather in such shock didn't know what to say, except that she was about to cry.

We're so happy for you, Heather Tripp!  Surely, you will find a few ways to enjoy what you've just won. Congrats again on winning $10,000!

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