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Mayor of Mobile, Sandy Stimpson stated on his twitter ten days ago that he was going to remove the Admiral Raphael Semmes Statue in Downtown Mobile that has stood for almost 120 years.

Today the Admiral Raphael Semmes has been moved to the History Museum of Mobile. The city will be fined $25,000 to removed and resettle the statue. In today's age we cannot forget the oppression and agony that these statues  have causes people in the 120 years of the erection of the statue. Admiral Semmes studied law and was admitted to the bar while remaining in the service. During the Mexican War, he commanded the brig USS Somers in the Gulf of Mexico. She was lost in a storm off Vera Cruz in December 1846, but Semmes was commended for his actions in that incident. While on extended leave after the war, he practiced law in Mobile, Alabama. Promoted to the rank of Commander in 1855, Semmes was assigned to Lighthouse duties until 1861, when Alabama's secession from the Union prompted him to resign from the U.S. Navy and adhere to the Confederacy.

Luckily these Confederate statues and monumental will no longer be viewed by the public, unless the attend the Natural History Museum of Mobile, which I don't recommend doing.

Let this be a reminder to our future children, that hate needs no place in our community, home or family. Roll-Tide.


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