J-Si of the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show had a chance to see Coldplay in concert and caught up with Chris Martin to talk more than about the music. He tries the jokes angle. But, did it work?

The show apparently amazing from the way J-Si speaks about and Chris Martin is just a ball of energy. Cool.

It's pretty much expected that artists and musicians love to talk about their craft, creating music. How about reading Wikipedia? J-Si asked Chris Martin about this. He quickly replied no. But, it leads to pointing out about how Chris' great great grandfather is the person who brought us daylight savings time. J-Si jokes about the love-hate of gaining and losing an hour with it. Chris compares it to being in a band, some people love you and others hate you.

Then comes J-Si with the big joke, but there wasn't much laughing. Well, outside of laughing at his own joke.

Oh, there's more. It's a funny interview, give a listen to it, as heard on the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show on B101.7! It's really only an interview J-Si would do!

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