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I'm a sucker for a good mushroom. Now my dreams are coming true.

I stumbled upon a great at home mushroom kit on Facebook that might save your life and wallet. The company is called Nearby Naturals and the specialize in at mushroom at home grow kits.

Mushroom growing is a complex process. To perform efficiently at scale requires expensive equipment and extensive knowledge of the craft. The substrate we use is made up of agricultural byproducts including oak dust and soybean hulls. These ingredients would normally be used as animal feed or composted. The substrate is steam sterilized in biodegradable grow-bags to remove any potential competitors to our fungi of choice. As the substrate bag cools it is brought into sterile conditions and inoculated with the appropriate spawn, Then set to incubate for 2-12 weeks depending on variety. Upon colonization we place the bags in one of our temperature and humidity controlled chambers and cut a small hole in the bag, then wait for the mushrooms to grow. Once the mushrooms are fully mature, one to 5 weeks, they are harvested right into boxes and refrigerated until sold. Ninety percent of the time our mushrooms are sold the day of harvest.


Reishi Grow Kit

I think their operation is super unique and super necessary for any mushroom lover on this green planet of ours. Go check out their full inventory right here!

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