Supporting local business and restaurants is more important than ever. Tuscaloosa is on the rise, population is growing and median age is going down. If you want Tuscaloosa to be the best it can be, make sure you help out our friends at Cravings Specialty Grocery Store on University Blvd. right next to The Towers.

Cravings is Tuscaloosa's only specialty food, NY deli & bagels, square pizza, Cajun restaurant, craft beer, wine, dessert & candy store located downtown for your convenience. Btw you gotta try the loxs on a plain bagel completely loaded, its taste like something from Brooklyn and Logan Square in one almighty bagel.

I stopped in yesterday to grab some breakfast, on my way out I saw shirts laying on the back counter.

Here is the front and back of those beautiful shirts that I saw laying on the counter on that bright and sunny morning.


cravings back
Cravings front

They're $15 a piece and they support my favorite grocery store in town.

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