Tennessee Hate Week is upon us. Brothers and sisters, let the hate fill your heart! 

Yes, Tennessee is THE WORST. I would say more, but this fine gentleman has basically vocalized everything you need to know about the Volunteers:

1. They play dirty.

2. They are snitches.

4. Neyland Stadium looks like a garbage truck worker convention (apologies to waste management employees--y'all are awesome and vastly superior to Vols fans)

5. Their mascot is dumb.

6. Their fans are dumb.

7. They have the worst school colors known to man-- white and "throw up" orange.

I could watch this classic video a thousand times. It NEVER gets old--mainly because Tennessee sucks and will always suck.

Irvin Carney has become a bit of a legend to Alabama fans for his epic rant about the Vols/ He stopped by WVUA before last year's game to chat with their sports crew and--spoiler alert--he still hates Tennessee. The clip below begins with Carney's classic video followed by the WVUA interview.

Roll Tide, y'all!

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