I was shopping earlier today at The Walmart Neighborhood Market on Hargrove Road, and I was waiting in the checkout line to pay for my groceries. While waiting in line, my eyes wandered over to the magazines rack. I glanced at the magazines, (as I normally do), and skimmed a few pages. When I put the magazines back, I did a double-take as I looked at the covers of US Weekly and In Touch Weekly. Both magazines had Brad Pitt on the cover, and both magazines were reporting on his relationship status. However, that is where the similarity ends. Check out the cover headlines on each of the magazines and you'll see what I mean....

US Weekly says, "Exclusive, Angie & Brad THE DIVORCE IS OFF!"

In Touch Weekly says, "BRAD'S GETTING MARRIED!" 

So, what I want to know is, WHICH ONE IS IT?!  Is BRANGELINA once again a thing? Or, is a Brad walking down the aisle with a DIFFERENT woman? Or, maybe the divorce is off, because Brad and Angelina are renewing their vows? Hmmmmmm

One thing is for certain, ONE or maybe BOTH of these magazines have incorrect information. In any event, the tabloid style title at the beginning of THIS blog might be the truest statement of them all......

"Captain Obvious Says: "Supermarket Tabloids Might Not Be Telling Us The Truth!"

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