Buddy’s Rib & Steak Diner in Northport was finally back open for business Wednesday after a car accidentally smashed through the restaurant last month.

The 43-year-old Northport restaurant staple was closed down for almost eight weeks for repairs the wreck necessitated. General Manager Maureen Slaight told the Tuscaloosa Thread that insurance picked up the tab for the cost of reconstruction.

“We had a vehicle run through the front of the building, but now we’re just glad to be back open with our regular menu,” Slaight said.

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The accident was caused by a 71-year-old female who lost control of her SUV pulling into the Buddy’s parking lot. Assistant chief of the Northport Police Department Keith Carpenter said the collision was accidental and resulted in no injuries.

After the accident, the owner of Buddy's, Phillip Guy, took to Facebook to address the community.

“We will be closed until further notice. Someone accidentally drove into the building,” Guy said. “We are thankful no one was hurt.”

As of today, Buddy’s is back open for business with all the same delicious menu items and customers have grown to love in the last four decades.

“We were all just waiting for it to reopen because we love this place and we’ve missed our customers, they’ve missed us," Slaight said. "It’s a good day."


“We are looking forward to seeing all our customers again,” Guy said. “I want to thank my staff for working behind the scenes to get us up and running again. They are the most hard-working, loyal and trustworthy staff in the restaurant business.”

To stay up to date with Buddy’s, follow its Facebook page here.

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