Yungblud was one of the standout new artists at the recent Cal Jam; it was clear to anyone who saw his set that the musician had plenty of energy to spare. So it doesn't come as too much of a surprise to us to see that a broken ankle couldn't keep Yungblud down while performing at the Austin City Limits Festival this past weekend.

According to a social media post, Yungblud sustained the injury during a particularly "lit" show just ahead of his ACL Fest appearance. But he quickly allayed any fears about the remainder of his touring, adding that he might perform from a wheelchair if needed. A fan even captured Yungblud performing moments after he supposedly broke his ankle, with no real sign that he was slowing down at all. See each of the tweets below.

Sure enough, it was later confirmed that Yungblud did suffer a broken ankle and he was soon sporting crutches and cast. Had it happened a week earlier, he may have been able to ask Dave Grohl to borrow his stage throne that was used for fan photo ops at Cal Jam.

His injury didn't stop him from playing ACL as he was wheeled out onstage by a helper, who also initially assisted him in maintaining his stage presence by wheeling him all over the stage. It wasn't long though before Yungblud escaped the confines of his chair and provided his usual high energy set while doing his best to work around his injury. "We ain't stoppin' for nothin'," stated Yungblud in a Twitter video post. Footage from the performance should be seen and you can do so via the social media posts below.

Yungblud is promoting his debut album, 21st Century Liability, which you can check out via the platform of your choosing here. Stay up to date with his touring at this location.

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