In what may be one of the wildest stories of 2020, an Alabama carnival was shut down by a  sexy photo shoot this week.

I am NOT making this up, y'all-- a carnival in Clay had to shut down when some wild women were spotted taking boudoir pics. Located just north of Trussville in Jefferson County, Clay was hosting a "family" carnival with CNM Midways company. I read the story on the CBS 42 website last night and almost lost my mind.

Apparently the Mayor and City Manager were told about the photo shoot in advance, but they felt "mislead" about the type of photos that were going to be taken at the carnival. Their offices received multiple calls by people who were so SCANDALIZED by the sexy women that the carnival was then shut down.

CNM Midways then offered free carnival rides to everyone as a public apology for the ruckus.

Isn't this wild? I love everything about this story. You add a small Alabama town, a boudoir photo shoot, and carnies and you have a recipe for success, pal. I will admit that I am VERY interested in these scandalous pics, as I didn't know Carnie Boudoir was a thing until now. If you need me, I'll be getting my lingerie ready for a ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl.

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