Relive the amazing Blue Angels performance with this photo gallery from the 2015 Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show presented by Pepsi.

The days leading up to the show, I was offered the use of the fancy company camera for the show. What happened next was pure paparazzi with an automatic shutter. Yeah, this thing takes pictures so fast. A rapid fire of snap, snap, snap put a smile on my face. Oh, now I have to trim the photo album's size. That wasn't bad at all going through and picking out my favorite shots from the day. You'll notice they go in chronological order as viewed by the nearly 160,000 in attendance over the weekend.

I present to you... 'Greg Thomas' Big Fat Blue Angels Photo Album from the 2015 Tuscaloosa Regional Air Show!' Don't you like the title? Sure, it's long. But, isn't it bold and dramatic like the show?

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