A true crisis has developed in Northport: the local DQ is out of ice cream.

Townsquare Media Tuscaloosa Traffic Reporter 'Captain' Ray Allen shared the distressing news to Facebook moments ago.

Captain Ray said that he visited the Northport location for lunch and went through the restaurant's drive-thru to place his order.

That's when he was told that they were out of ice cream.

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I don't know about Captain Ray, but I have a lot of questions:

  • How exactly does a Dairy Queen run out of ice cream? I mean, DAIRY is part of the restaurant name.
  • Does running out of ice cream dethrone a Dairy Queen? Does the reigning Dairy Princess get a coronation ceremony to commemorate this egregious error, and if so, what is that party like?
  • Are they like, out OUT of ice cream or is this a McDonald's "machine is broken" problem?
  • How do they RUN OUT of ice cream when the store has its own soft serve machine? Did they run out of supplies?
  • What ARE those supplies: milk, cream, and sugar? Isn't there a Publix  and a Wal-Mart LITERALLY across the road?
  • What about the cakes? Are there emergency melting protocols in place for situations like this?
  • How do the employees handle it? Does it become a Lord of the Flies situation?

Has your DQ run out of ice cream before? If so, hit me up with out app chat to let me know.

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