They're often the overlooked band member onstage. The bassist holds down the low end, but it's not always the most exciting job. Luckily, the bassists have one of their own, Blink-182's Mark Hoppus, to remedy "the problem" ... or at least that's the premise of a new College Humor sketch that Hoppus stars in.

Hoppus takes the podium at the annual bassists convention, which has the tagline, "You don't need more than 4." "We have to talk about 'the problem.' We have to stop looking so bored onstage when we play," states Hoppus to the crowd of bassists, who suddenly start to look more interested.

The Blink-182 bassist shows a few examples, including a less than enthusiastic John Entwistle, with Hoppus remarking, "Does he even know that he's in The Who?" Yes, there are exceptions to the rule. Most can agree on the energy of Flea and the stage mastery of Les Claypool. Even "chin-beard hardcore guys" get a nod. But there are a few simple steps to help remedy the issue.

Watch as Hoppus humorously runs through some "bored bassist" mistakes, including talking to your drummer during the show and glancing at your phone. There's even a fun Blink-182 dig in there as well. Watch the video below.

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